The #1 Software Coaches & PT's utilise our plug-and-play automations to run the backend of their business, gather leads, and turn them into customers.

You have all the tools you need to succeed in one spot

Business Automation

Attract, nurture and close your leads with our copy and paste automations.Everything is incorporated into a single module, including lorem ipsum deset anet.


Organize all of your text, social media, Google, and other communication correspondence from a single inbox.

Social Media Manager

One software can be used to both create content and schedule articles. We incorporate Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.


Text 2 pay customer invoicing is simple. Simplify client billing and be paid sooner.

Funnels & Websites

Design and development of funnels and websites that interface with our cutting-edge automation system, connecting all of your leads and customers to a single platform.

CRM & Pipelines

Increase your audience and understand where new leads are coming from.


Register and organise your scheduled customer calls from a single integrated dashboard.

Memberships & Products

With our professionally designed, drag-and-drop membership portal builder, you may deliver your content, course, or training material.

Forms & Surveys

Slick lead generation forms. Create your own custom fields with powerful tags and automation.


Membership Area / Courses

Bring all the prospects who interact with your business together in one place. Segment based on tagging, different behaviors, or even your own custom fields. Assign contacts to teams, log lead activity, take notes, and review conversations.

CRM / Contact Management

EVERY lead who contacts your business is collected in one location .Segment them based on tagging ,various behaviors, or even your own custom fields .Contacts can be assigned to your team, lead activity is logged, notes are taken, conversations are reviewed, and much more!


Deals won't slip through the cracks anymore! Keep track of EVERY prospect you have and know where they are in the sales cycle. Receive follow-up reminders, or indeed automate the full procedure. (And, in contrast to the other guys, build several pipelines!) You have a choice!

Communicate Efficiently

With Customers and Leads

With our all-encompassing inbox, you can reach your clients wherever they are. From your app, you can market to customers and leads, send texts or emails, ask for reviews, connect with website visitors, take payments, and handle Facebook & Instagram messages.


If you enjoy booking links, good news! For a seamless experience, the Alpha Wealth calendar system connects to your current Google calendar. To maintain your operations' fluidity and efficiency, it's only one more part of business housed under one roof.

Workflow Automations

A comprehensive list of triggers, actions, and logic is used by HitMoxie's workflow builder. A workflow can be initiated by a number of cues to engage your list, send emails or SMS messages, update pipelines, manage membership programs, or even start actions in other platforms.

Funnel / Website Builder

With our simple custom WEB/FUNNEL BUILDER, you can quickly and easily create countless funnels and websites. Forget ClickFunnels, WIX, and Worldpress.
Our user-friendly platform enables you to build fully functional websites and sales funnels with personalized menus. All in one place, create engaging and effective landing pages!

Reputation Management

Reputation Management Will Change.
How Your Customers View Your Business.
While negative reviews can seriously hurt your brand, positive reviews on Google and Facebook can make a big difference in how successful your business is. We assist you in making sure you receive more favorable reviews while never forgetting to inquire.

Application Reporting

At a glance, be aware of your performance.
Alpha Wealth Secrets integrates with your Google and Facebook Ads Managers so you can see all of the information about your lead generation efforts in one place. Additionally, we offer call and appointment reporting so you can stay informed even after receiving the lead.

Alpha Wealth Support Portal

Not merely a system, but also first-class client service. We offer support on three different levels, and you can use our Alpha Wealth course to get assistance. You can also open a ticket in any situation, and our
Alpha Wealth expert can join you in a 1-on-1 ZOOM to quickly resolve your issue.

Mobile Application for IOS & Android

MOBILE APP - We will create a customized mobile app so that you can be fully branded and yes it is for both

IOS and android users,

by which your life is one step more connected to your business.

Alpha Wealth Secrets Replaces All of Your Other Business Software


Why Grow with Alpha Wealth Secrets

Given the current state of the economy, businesses are looking for ways to increase profits and productivity. Your Business is no different. We guarantee that, in just 30 days or less, you will see significant improvements in your bottom line. To get started, take advantage of our 14-day free trial.

Why Do I Need Onboarding?

We are committed to making your experience with Alpha Weath easy, stress-free, and enjoyable. We provide one on one onboarding sessions for all new users so that you don't have to worry about setting up or customizing the system before using it! Our team is available any time of day, seven days a week ready to answer any questions you may have during this process. If you haven't noticed by now we're all about helping grow with ease!

What Type Of Help And Support can I Expect?

Our team loves what we do and it shows in our customer care. We have 24/7 ticket support through the web, live chat from 9AM CT – 5PM CT Monday - Friday, and videos to assist you with any issues. We also offer customer care via zoom video conferencing for quick answers on any questions you may have about your needs or concerns. We are only a chat, email or zoom session away!

Do I Have To Pay For Updates?

No! We give constant updates to our software, add new templates and you get it all for FREE! Because Alpha Wealth Secrets is on the cloud, when we make an update or add new features, they automatically show up in your account!

Can I Cancel At Any Time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. We operate on a month to month basis and you're not required to sign a contract or commitment with us, ensuring that you have full control over your experience!

If I Cancel My Alpha Wealth Secrets Account, Will I Lose My Data?

As with most software platforms, when you cancel your account, your data will become inaccessible, but don't worry, before canceling you have the opportunity to download csv files of your contacts and members or "pause" your account and we'll keep everything backed up waiting so you can come back again later!

Waiting so you can come back again later! Who owns the data / content / subscribers?

You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. Alpha Wealth Secrets doesn't have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason.

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